About us


About us


Set up back in 2007 by Zafar Azimov, the company started by investing in two fishing companies Arktikservis and Tunaycha.

Zamwell entered the project in mid-2007 when Tunaycha, once Russia’s leading Pacific salmon products manufacturer, found itself on the brink of bankruptcy. Over a short period of time Zamwell made a crisis management roadmap, re-negotiated the debt with the creditor and supported the company in emerging from the debt crisis. In 2009 Zamwell exited from Tynaycha project and focused on the development of a Murmansk crab-fishing company Arktikservis, a former part of Tunaycha structure.

During its 4-year cooperation with Zamwell Arktikservis secured favorable funding terms and fully repaid its debt, repaired its entire crab fishing fleet, paid its salary debts and improved its export structure. In late 2011 a strategic investor approached Zamwell with an offer to purchase Arktikservis. Last year Murmansk crab fishing company was rated one of Russia’s 50 fastest-growing companies.

Today, whatever industry Zamwell enters, be it medical aviation, real estate, or baby formula production, it seeks partnership with those who have a successful track record in company management and a proven commitment to business improvement and value creation.

An international team of Zamwell experts provides in-depth market research to ensure a tailored business growth approach for its every asset.

Investment criteria:

  • Management
    Zamwell chooses partners among competent and reliable managers with a good track record, commitment to the growth of their business, and a proven ability to generate value. For each of our project we make sure that existing owners and managers hold a significant stake in the business.
  • Industry focus
    Over the years, Zamwell has developed expertise in various industries including nursing care and home care, mental healthcare services, medical transport, textile industry, baby food, and real estate. Now more than ever, the company is open to new opportunities with its team conducting an in-depth research into technology and telecommunications market.
  • Geography
    Having gained a significant business growth expertise in the USA, the Middle East, Russia &CIS, Zamwell welcomes opportunities of investment into promising businesses in any part of the globe.
  • Target company size
    Zamwell target investment universe is small and mid-sized businesses with revenues generally between $10 and 200$ million.
  • Ticket size
    Expected ticket size is $5-20 million. We also work with co-investors on larger size deals and has a successful track record of syndicating equity deals up to $50 million.
  • Target Ownership
    Our ownership in a portfolio business is normally limited to a share that enables us to add value and lead the business to a new direction.
  • Investment horizon
    Zamwell is willing to embrace any opportunity of giving a boost to promising businesses. The period of investment can range from 3 to 7 years on average, depending on the type of investment project, strategy and other external factors.
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