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In 2013, Zamwell and its US partners made an investment in a small family owned business in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company was more than 30 years old and had a good reputation as an early pioneer in the rural air medical business and aerial support for firefighting.
The transaction was a leverage recapitalization and allowed many members of the founding family to leave the business and allow the management team and the original founder to create a new focus on growth.

In late 2013, the investors divested firefighting business and focused all of their energy on expanding the air medial business.

The mission of the air medical business was to enhance medical services in small rural communities. Its air medical planes and helicopters would enable small rural hospitals and communities to transport patients to larger communities with hospitals that had services and expertise to provide a wider array of care.

The group of investors identified communities all around the western United States that had heavy industry, tourism, and that were more than 120 miles away from major trauma centers.

In an effort to drive down costs, the company standardized its planes and helicopters to a few brands and heavily invested in the maintenance team.

In the past six years, we have grown from 3 to 19 communities. We have formed excellent from scratch relationships with local hospitals, police departments, and other emergency response providers within a 50-75 radius of our locations.

This company is poised to continue to open 3-5 locations per year via denovo growth. Most of the competitors in the space have grown through acquisition and have no experience in opening new locations from scratch.

This expertise has made Zamwell and its American partners unique and has allowed to expand without leveraging their balance sheet. At one time, there were dozens of regional players in this market. Now Classic Air Medical is the largest player that has not grown through acquisitions.

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