DocDoc and Nutrilak Come Together to Support Mothers and Infants

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DocDoc and Nutrilak Come Together to Support Mothers and Infants

DocDoc, a medical service within Sberbank’s eco-system, and our portfolio company Infaprim, the supplier of Nutrilak specialized nutrition products for infants, have launched a partnership product, Mother & Baby. Its key objective is to support infant and maternal health, especially during the pandemic of COVID-19.

The first stage of the collaboration will offer subscriptions for unlimited consultations from therapists and pediatricians at a discounted price. Customer care is of paramount importance for Infaprim, therefore the price for DocDoc’s product was additionally reduced at the company’s expense. Mothers will have three periods of the telemedicine program to choose from - one month, three months, or one year.

Dmitry Ryskin, Key Accounts Director at DocDoc:

“Regardless of the circumstances they are in, mothers and children must be provided with quality care. It is particularly relevant now that most people are under confinement restrictions, and any visit to a healthcare provider threatens their health. This is why we have developed the most convenient and affordable program in partnership with Infaprim. Mothers will no longer have to worry, as the doctor they need will always be at hand to offer consultation in a convenient way: a video call, a chat, or a phone call.”

Olga Bokovskaya, Development and Medical Communications Director at Infaprim:

“We care about our consumers and with our product we seek to deliver essential knowledge to make the lives of our patients who receive specialized nutrition as fulfilling as possible.  We can see a growing demand for quality nutrition consultations for children and adults. From breastfeeding support and rational infant nutrition to nutrition support of patients for whom specialized nutrition is key to survive. Advanced telemedicine services become increasingly available for the most vulnerable groups of population.”

In addition to further delivery of the partnership program, the companies plan to enhance this collaboration and focus on promoting telemedicine services by launching new products. The need for developing telemedicine has been particularly relevant over the recent months, and the companies expect the new project to find favour with rank-and-file consumers.

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