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Zamwell Portfolio Company Licensed and Certified by the State of California

The mental health and addictive-disease residential treatment center Jackson House Temecula, an affiliated member of the Alvarado Parkway Institute Behavioral Health System, began accepting clients on February 10, 2020. A month earlier the center welcomed Temecula residents, members of the county healthcare community, along with local government leaders when hosting an open house at its premises.

A behavioral healthcare organization like Jackson House is required to be processed by Community Care Licensing and Department of Healthcare Services before starting to accept patients. The licensing and certification procedure included interviews with lead clinical staff, facility walk-throughs and other control activities that ensure those operating the facility are well versed in all aspects of behavioral healthcare management and operations.

After completing the licensure on the 10th of February Jackson House Temecula became fully open for business.


Jackson House Temecula’s residential treatment service is a highly structured, supportive, voluntary, short-term acute residential treatment program. Our specialized and impassioned team of clinical and medical professionals provides individualized, evidenced based treatment interventions designed to equip our clients with skills to get well, while learning to live well.

Jackson House Temecula is an alternative to acute inpatient hospitalization and a bridge to lower levels of care. Our team works with their client’s loved ones and healthcare providers to develop a wellness action plan and ensure a seamless transition of care. Jackson House Temecula is a cell phone and computer friendly environment.

The contemporary design of our newly renovated 5500-square-foot, 16-bed, 24-hour crisis residential treatment facility offers semi-private rooms, beautifully appointed indoor and outdoor spaces, large group rooms, and computer lab space, as well as private meeting rooms for groups and individual client consultations.

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